~ Now hear the bluebird whistle hymns like “I would rather heal your wounds" ~ Now hear the dark gun punching out, that I may love you ~

∞ I don't care if you care for the mob ~ I don't care if you care for the sub ~ I don't care if you care for the mud ~ Cause I've got Mando blood in my veins ∞

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25.5.06 16:40

1. What does your MySpace headline mean?:
- Right now its a line from a Metallica song

2. Tell something about your photo:
- Well it shows me and....uhm....yeah....thats it and I was on fire.....

3. What's your middle name?
- Gott/God

4. What is your current relationship status?
- Unfotunately single

5. What EXACTLY are you wearing right now?:
- Black polo-shirt and Jeans

6. What is your current problem?
- Certain people

7. What do you love most?
- Myself, money and music = Tripple M

8. What makes you most happy?
- This somebody....

9. Are you musically gifted?
- Oh yeah!

10. If you could go back in time, and change something, what would it be?
- I would change many things but I wont tell you which

11. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day...what would you be?
- A bird or a butterfly

12. Ever had a near death experience?
- One? Must have been 3 or 4...

13. Name an obvious quality you have?
- Smart and individual

14. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
- Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

15. Name someone with the same b-day as you:
- My twin: Robbie Williams!

16. Have you ever vandalized someone's private property?
- Uhm more or less

17. Have you ever been in a fight?
- Yes in a few

18. Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
- Not sung but I played theatre

19. What's the first thing you notice about the OPPOSITE sex?
- Stupidity

20. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
- Nothing cause theres no Starbucks around here and I dont like coffee

21. Do you have a crush on anybody from your Top 8?
- Nope

22. Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?
- Not that I remember

23. Has anyone ever said u looked like a celebrity?
- Yeah people always want an autograph

24. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows?
- Yes, for sure!

25. Did you have braces?
- I had braces when I was about 8

26. What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
- Dont know...cant remember

27. Do you speak any other languages?
- German, English, French and Spanish

28. Whats your favorite smell?
- The smell of the ocean
9.5.06 19:57

Just thinking

So I finally got myself something to eat. And while I was on my way getting the food I thought: "Wow, my life is pretty lame. I am young and supposed to go out and have some fun!" So I kept discussing with me, myself and I why my life is so boring and lame....ane then....I asked myself: "Why am I blogging? Is anyone reading this?" Come on you guys....whoever reads this: Give me a comment! You don't have to say you care or start a discussion....just say you read my blog! Give my life a sense!

Oh and on thing that's been on my mind too: Why are all those strange bands I've never herad of and I'll never hear a song of want to be my friend? They don't even say "Thank you" because I added them. Why don't bands like Metallica or Mando Diao or I don't know who ask me to be their friend? Honestly: I buy your records so at least you can ask me to be your friend! And I hope you just read carefully 'cause I wrote: I BUY your records - I don't download them! Here's what every band should remember: don't get your fans pissed off - they're the ones that keep you up - go and piss off your record company or anyone else - but not your fans!
28.4.06 21:36


I am so fucking bored right now....this can't be real!? I am just figuring out if it's worth driving to a fast-food store and get something to eat. But I am so bored that I can't think - so I guess I'll stay hungry and wonder why I'm still in front of my pc...
28.4.06 20:10

24.4.06 23:01

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